21 Easter Eggs In “Black Panther” That Will Make You Want To Watch It 100 More Times

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21 Easter Eggs In “Black Panther” That Will Make You Want To Watch It 100 More Times,27 Feb 2018 in Uncategorised

“What are thooooose?!” Uh, Alexander McQueen sandals, actually. There are a lot of visual similarities to The Lion King. Love.

Woman Who Reportedly Once Worked At A Russian Troll Factory Came To The US On Her Husband’s Work Visa,27 Feb 2018 in Uncategorised

The business center in St. Petersburg said to house the Internet Research Agency. Anton Vaganov / Reuters The husband of

Diddy Deserves “Father Of The Year” For This Adorable Father-Daughter Moment,27 Feb 2018 in Uncategorised

“Let’s go queen!” Diddy has gone through several names throughout his career, including Puff Daddy, P.Diddy, Puffy, and more. Rob

14 Chilling Hollywood Deaths That Are As Intriguing As They Are Creepy,26 Feb 2018 in Uncategorised

Hollywood whodunnit. Albert Dekker Albert Dekker was a famous actor known for Kiss Me Deadly. In 1968, after going missing

Which Fictional Couple Should Have Ended Up Together?,26 Feb 2018 in Uncategorised

They were supposed to be the OTPs! Chances are, if you love any type of fiction, you ship at least

Asian-American Women In Hollywood Say It’s Twice As Hard For Them To Say #MeToo,25 Feb 2018 in Uncategorised

Executive producers Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon on the set of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Jennifer Clasen / Getty Images

Sridevi passes away at 54 after a cardiac arrest in Dubai – Economic Times,25 Feb 2018 in Uncategorised

Economic TimesSridevi passes away at 54 after a cardiac arrest in DubaiEconomic TimesNEW DELHI: Having a career which expanded for

Women’s Favorite Conversation Topics,24 Feb 2018 in Uncategorised

Ever notice what women’s favorite conversation topics are? They diverge from hopes and aspirations to movies and entertainment. What else

29 Secrets Competitive Figure Skaters Will Never Tell You,24 Feb 2018 in Uncategorised

“Sometimes you have to plastic wrap your boobs because you can’t wear a bra with most costumes — some people

Katy Perry Just Roasted Kim Kardashian In This Throwback Photo,24 Feb 2018 in Uncategorised

“I look horrendous!” The Kardashians make no secret of the fact that they live their lives pretty publicly, so you’d

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