Game In Progress: Resident Evil 7’s ridiculous ending raises more questions than it answers


Posted on: 9th February 2017

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Welcome back to our in-depth Game In Progress review of Resident Evil 7. In this final installment, Gameological editor Matt Gerardi works his way through a derelict ship and reaches the end of this grueling nightmare. You can find every part of Matt’s review here.

When last we left Ethan Winters, he was putting Jack Baker out of his misery (for real this time) and making one of the most asinine “moral choices” a video game has ever put forth. Regardless of whether you choose to save your wife or the woman you just met a few hours ago, Resident Evil 7 is poised to follow up its most empowering moment yet, your guns-blazing boss fight against monster Jack, with its most debilitating moment. Ethan and his female companion are on their way out of the bayou when their boat is attacked and they’re flung into the water ...

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